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Agrilux's marketing team is supported by a number of specialist services. The needs of South African farmers have changed dramatically over the past few years. Input costs have increased to such an extent that the producer is required to optimally utilize its resources.

Precision farming is one aspect in which Agrilux stands out above the rest. Soil sampling with the correct fertilization mapping can be provided. These reports are compiled by AgriSol, an independent expert to guarantee the credibility.

With thirty years’ experience in the industry we provide soil analyses, crop planning and assist with tillage planning. During the growing season we also do crop monitoring to identify any problems that may arise and explore solutions to overcome these problems.



AgriSol is an independent company that is not attached to any fertilizer company. All recommendations are done by making use of established and proven formulas that are consistently applied to every land, according to the specific characteristics of the soil.

The analysis traditionally used say how many nutrients can possibly become available for the plant, but gives no indication of the equilibrium between adsorbed nutrients as determined by a standard analysis and what is in a solution for the plant to absorb.

The AgriSol System addresses some of the following aspects:

- There must be adequate nutrients available for the plant.

- The ratio of Ca:Mg especially, but other cations as well have a major impact on soil structure and availability of nutrients and should be corrected.

- Although micro-elements aren't required in large quantities, it is absolutely essential nutrients and therefore must be corrected and applied.

- Beneficial soil microbes have certain stimulant and nutritional needs that must be addressed.


AgriSol Report

The AgriSol report that each farmer will receive when appointing Agrilux to do the Precision Soil Sampling for his farm will cover aspects like:

- Total Exchange Capacity (TEC) and pH levels

- Ca% Mg%, K% To%, H%, and other cations%

- Percentage of organic matter and estimated nitrogen release

- Zinc, Sulfur, Iron, Copper, Boron


Herewith some examples of what the report will look like:

pH report

calcium report

phosphate report

calcium levels

gypsum report

MAP report



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